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Elizabete Slavinska (b.1998) is a visual artist based in Riga, Latvia.

Her artistic practice primarily revolves around large-scale paintings created using oil colors. Slavinska's work is characterized by her approach to depicting creatures that depart from the conventional representation of humans. She delves into a realm where imagination and symbolism intertwine, revealing the depths of human experiences and emotions in a more abstract and universal manner.


The artist's use of large-scale canvases amplifies the impact of her imagery, enveloping the viewer in a world where reality and abstraction coexist.


Slavinska's choice of mediums allows for a wide range of textures and effects, enabling her to create layers of meaning within each artwork. The vibrant hues and tonal variations in her palette evoke a sense of emotional intensity, adding another layer to the narrative conveyed through her distorted figures.



"GRADUATE SHOW 2024" Art Academy of Latvia, (Kalpaka bulvāris 13) 14.06.2024 -14.07.2024 


Madrid. "MAREA", Group Exhibition. Monat Gallery, Spain. 06.02.2044 - 20.02.2024


Paris. International Paris Art Fair. January 2024.


London. "Chroma", Group Exhibition. The Holy Art Gallery, London, United Kingdom. 06.10.2023 - 22.10.2023


Riga. "LEADED VEIL", Solo Exhibition. Provodņiks exhibition space. 24.05.2023 - 24.07.2023


Qualifications abroad


Nordic-Baltic Network of Art and Design Education (Cirrus): Vilnius Academy of Arts, Lithuania. Creative workshop „Material Narratives“ 19 - 23 September 2022.


(EU4ART mobility): Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma, Italy. Short-term Painting workshop “4th Floor and Procida island” 2021 October 4 - 15.

Higher Education:

Art Academy of Latvia, The Academic Master's study program: Faculty of Visual Arts, Painting department. 2022 - 2024


Art Academy of Latvia,The Academic bachelor's study program: Faculty of Visual Arts, Painting Department. 2018 - 2022

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